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Business & Technology

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CIP Code - 520101


The mission of the Associate of Applied Science Degree in Business & Technology is to provide quality instruction in the program whereby students may earn an associate degree in Business Technology, transfer course credits to a four-year college, or achieve their goals in business and in computer skills and competencies needed to secure employment.

Some goals for this program are:

  • To maintain an environment that promotes equity and access to the courses offered in the BTEC curriculum
  • To integrate technology across the disciplines affording all students a variety of electronic learning opportunities.
  • To offer courses in management, marketing, customer service, and other business areas.
  • To prepare the student for management careers.
  • To incorporate innovative teaching competencies and programs leading to the associate degree in Business Technology, certificate programs, and specialized career training.
  • To offer courses transferable to four-year colleges and universities.
  • To present opportunities for the BTEC students to participate in relevant student organizations, community events, and interaction with the business community.
  • To participate with area businesses and industry to meet training needs.

Program Description

The Associate of Applied Science in Business & Technology combines English, math, social science, natural science, and humanities with business and computer courses to create a program designed to meet the increasing demand for entry-level business professionals. Further, a significant portion of the coursework is transferable for those students wishing to complete a bachelor’s degree.

In this program, there are a variety exit points that you may choose to take. They are:

  • Associate of Applied Science in Business and Technology
  • Certificate of Technical Studies (CTS): Administrative Assistant
  • Technical Competency Area (TCA): Customer Service for Business Professionals
  • Technical Competency Area (TCA): Software Applications
  • Technical Competency Area (TCA): Supervision

Learning Outcomes

Graduates of the Louisiana Delta Community College Business and Technology program will be able to:

  • Define the term Business and identify the components of the business environment.
  • Identify the elements of the marketing mix and explain the marketing concept.
  • Apply and explain the three-step writing process.
  • Explain the basic accounting equation relative to assets, liabilities, and equity.
  • Use mail merge to create form letters.