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Business Office Administration

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CIP Code - 520401


The mission of the Associate of Applied Science in Business Office Administration is to prepare individuals to provide technical support and special assistance to business professionals and other management personnel. The AAS was developed to meet the goal of workforce development by providing specialized classroom instruction and practical experience through five distinct concentrations; (1) General Office, (2) Accounting and (3) Medical Office.

Program Description

The Associate of Applied Science in Business Office Administration prepares individuals to acquire marketable skills for entry-level employment positions and career advancement in various areas of business, industry, and government offices. Students will receive hands-on training in office technology software skills using Word, Excel, Access, and Publisher. Coursework in business calculators, records management, business communication, math, accounting, and office procedures is also included in the curriculum. This program provides students with safe and efficient work practices, basic occupational skills, customer service, job-seeking skills, employability skills, and strong work ethics required for success in the workplace.

Learning Outcomes

Graduates of the Louisiana Delta Community College Business Office Administration program will be able to:

    • Students will master technological functions of the office
    • Students will perform duties within the office with productivity and efficiency
    • Students will maintain and operate office equipment efficiently
    • Students will apply and use correct communication skills
    • Students will apply critical thinking and problem-solving skills
    • Students will develop and apply industry desired personality traits and appearance
    • Students will be prepared to become responsible citiizens and good leaders in business services and the world of human work as demonstrated through appearance, dependability, mental attitude, initiative, human relations skills, and other characteristics necessary for success on the job.
    • Students will be prepared to function efficiently in the office environment directed by the student’s choice of concentration