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Innovator or Entrepreneur

It’s the old “hard work beats talent any day” discussion trying to separate the difference between an innovator and an entrepreneur. And to bluntly put it: we’re all innovators. How can I say that about you, I’ve never even met you? Yea, I know right. But the truth is we’re all out living to make life simpler – it’s because we’re lazy.

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Surviving in the Workplace

Wondering what it takes to thrive in the workplace?

You’re the perfect job candidate. Your resume is chock full of keywords and metrics showing you know what you’re doing. Perhaps you’ve increased ROI by 40%, averaged seventy words-per-minute, or mastered a certain software program.

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Avoid These Common FAFSA Mistakes

The Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) is used to determine eligibility for Federal Financial Aid.  Many states and colleges use the FAFSA to determine eligibility for nonfederal student aid funds that may have early deadlines or limited funding.

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A Long Way From Grandpa's Plant

The skills gap is defined as "an excess demand for skills with an insufficient supply of skilled talent". According to Fred Dedrick, the Executive Director of the National Fund for Workforce Solutions (NFWS), “In the American south, where advanced manufacturing is a relatively recent growth industry, the skills gap is very real…”

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News Home

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