Advising and Registration

Academic advising is an important activity for every student. It is a time for you to meet and discuss with your faculty advisor your academic, career, and life goals.

You will be assigned an advisor in your designated degree/certificate discipline area. The advisor will review your academic record, assist in designing a plan of study, and begin the registration process. The faculty advisor will also help you by interpreting assessment test results, explaining College policies, identifying resources and services available to students, or providing information about careers or university transfer. It is your responsibility to regularly communicate with your advisor throughout your enrollment at Delta.

All faculty members are available for academic advising during their posted office hours. The goals of academic advisement is to help you progress through your degree plan to the completion of degree or certificate requirements for graduation, or to prepare you for transfer to other institutions of higher learning.

Registration Process

  • STEP 1. Students must verify their status with Enrollment Services

  • STEP 2. Advising
    Faculty academic advisors assist students with degree/certificate planning and course selection. Faculty review assessment scores, transfer courses, and courses completed, assure prerequisites are met, and enter courses into the computer.

  • STEP 3. Financial Aid
    Students receiving financial aid will have information reviewed to assure all document requirements are met and are listed in the computer.

  • STEP 4. Accounting
    Fees are paid for the classes. Students will receive a copy of statement and class schedule upon receipt of payment.

  • STEP 5. Student ID & Vehicle Registration
    Student ID Card photo is taken and parking stickers are issued. Students must present a paid fee receipt. Student ID cards are required to use the library, participate in campus activities at ULM, and use recreational facilities.


Delta is committed to student success in collegiate-level course work and occupational programs. ACT scores will be used for initial placement in English, reading and math. Applicants to the College who do not have ACT scores or whose scores are more than three years old will be asked to take a Placement Survey. Students should contact the Admissions Office to schedule the Placement Survey. Students admitted on non-graduating or auditing status are not required to take the survey except for placement in English, math and/or reading courses. However, if application is made to seek regular admission, the student may be required to take the Placement Survey at that time.

ACT Score  
0-15 MATH 095
16-18 MATH 099
19 or higher MATH 105 or MATH 110
0-13 ENGL 095
14-17 ENGL 099
18+ ENGL 101
0-13 READ 095
14-17 READ 099
18+ READ Not Required

Transfer Credit/Articulations

Delta was established as a member of the Board of Regents General Education Articulation Matrix Committee in 2001. The General Education Matrix is a guide for determining course equivalencies among Louisiana’s public institutions of higher education. The Board of Regents also has a matrix for Natural Science and Business. While most of these courses will transfer for credit between and among Louisiana’s institutions, students must remember that these courses may or may not be applied to a particular degree program. Students should note that this matrix is limited to those general education courses for which full credit would likely be granted by most other Louisiana colleges and universities.

Additionally, the Board of Regents has developed the Electronic Statewide Student Transfer Guide, which is an interactive electronic database of course equivalencies among Louisiana’s public institutions of higher education.

Louisiana Delta Community College has specific articulations with Louisiana Tech University and the University of Louisiana at Monroe. In addition, ten specific 2+2 programs have been articulated to assure that all hours of a degree earned at Delta will transfer to the specific degree program at the University of Louisiana at Monroe. Delta will continue to work to secure articulation agreements that allow students maximum transferability of coursework.

Trial Schedule

You are encouraged to use the trial schedule to assist you and your advisor as you select your courses for the semester. To be prepared for an advising session, it is helpful for you to:

  • Bring your catalog AND the curriculum sheet for your major
  • Place courses completed on your curriculum sheet and/or Catalog (from grade reports or student transcript)
  • Complete a Trial Schedule Form
  • Make sure you have met any prerequisites for courses that require them (check your catalog)
  • The catalog, degree/certificate curriculum sheets, semester class schedule and Trial Schedule forms are available on the website or at the admissions office

Work Schedule

Students with family and/or work responsibilities should thoughtfully consider the difficulty and demands of the courses selected. Advisors will recommend that you adjust the number of college credit hours pursued if you have significant work or family obligations and responsibilities. A guide for working students is listed below:

Hours at Work/Week Hours/Semester
<15 12
16-27 10-11
28-34 7-9
35-40 3-6

Graduation Check

A student should meet on a regular basis with his or her academic advisor to ensure that progress is being made toward the completion of a degree. The academic advisor holds initial responsibility to determine the application of transferable course work to a degree program after Enrollment Services has identified the transferable courses. An official degree evaluation must be requested from the Registrar’s Office upon the completion of 42 semester hours. All candidates for graduation must report to the academic advisor during the period specified in the Academic Calendar to verify that they have satisfied all graduation requirements and must complete a degree audit and graduation application.

  • Complete all work in the curriculum described in the College Catalog in effect at the time of first enrollment at Delta. If a student changes his/her program of study or major, or if the student does not enroll at Delta for a fall or spring semester, he or she must use the catalog in effect at the time of the change of program of study or the return to Delta
  • Receive approval in writing from the department or division head for any deviation from the curriculum, as stated in the catalog being followed
  • Complete a minimum of 61 semester hours of acceptable college-level work
  • Complete the required General Education courses with the grade of "C" or higher
  • Complete English 101 and English 102 with a grade of C or higher. Demonstrate proficiency in English competency and demonstrate proficiency in written communications, as required by the Board of Regents
  • Complete a minimum of three hours of college algebra with the grade of “C” or higher and demonstrate proficiency in mathematics as required by the Louisiana Board of Regents. Some degrees require an additional three hours of mathematics at a level above college algebra.
  • Have a cumulative Grade Point Average (GPA) of 2.0 or better on all course work, including a GPA of 2.0 or higher on all course work attempted at Delta.
  • Complete a minimum of 25 percent of the semester hours required for the degree through instruction at Delta with the last 15 hours taken at Delta. Appeals to this rule may be made with the department or division head
  • Be enrolled and in attendance at Delta during the semester of graduation. Students who apply for a degree after leaving school must have completed course requirements for graduation and have been enrolled within a ten-month period preceding the late application for graduation
  • Fulfill all obligations and regulations, including financial, to the College prior to established dates. Financial aid recipients must attend an exit interview before they will be allowed to participate in graduation or receive a diploma. Students should contact the Office of Student Services for details
  • Make application to the Registrar for graduation by the deadline noted in the Academic Calendar in the semester prior to the semester in which graduation is anticipated.
  • Participate in commencement exercises. Exceptions must have prior approval of the Vice Chancellor for Academic and Student Affairs

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