HCR 69 Response
I. Institutional/Student Profile
Profiles are provided in the links below:
Admissions Standards
Number Students Admitted
Percent of Students Admitted
Number of Residents
Number of Non-resident
Average ACT Score
Cost of Attendance (tuition/fees)
Average Student Loan Amount
Percent on Financial Aid
Average Financial Aid Award
Campus Crime Statistics
National Center for Education Statistics
II. Student/Faculty Engagement
Percent of Developmental classes taught by full-time faculty 63%
Avg. teaching load by discipline Technical Faculty 30 hrs of student contact; Full-Time Academic 15 hrs required plus optional overloads; Part-Time Academic 5.8 hrs.
Avg. Credit Hrs. per Student 9.2
Number of General Education credits required for Degree Programs 39 for Transfer Degrees
21 for Associate of Applied Science
Transfer criteria Transfer Criteria
Process for evaluating Program Effectiveness The extent to which all programs meet their stated program outcomes is assessed on an annual cycle.
Explanation of Student Outcomes for each Program Student outcomes in all programs are assessed on an annual cycle.
III. Academic Achievement
Freshman to Sophomore Retention 43%
Graduation Rates (IPEDS) 6%
Avg. Time to Degree 3.0 yrs.
Avg. Score on Licensure Exams 98%
Admission Rates to Grad Programs NA
Job Placement by Discipline 77%
IV. Institutional Efficiency/Fiscal Conditions
Percent of budget spent on:
Instruction 40.3%
Academic Support** 8.4%
Student Services 8.3%
Institutional Services 20.5%
Operation & Maintenance 7.7%
Scholarships/Fellowships 11.1%
Auxiliary and Other Expenses 2.3%
Athletics 0.0%
Total Operating Expenses  
Transfers out of Agency 1.4%
Ratio of Admin. staff to total staff 15.0%
Classroom and Lab Space Utilization Click here for information.
General fund appropriations per
In-state FTE.
Total Expenditures per FTE $6,712
Annual Student FTE 7,549
Total Actual budget $32,268,445
State Funds $10,260,494

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